Mrs. Samantha Nash

    Dear Community Members,

    Having had the opportunity and the distinct pleasure of serving in both the Wanaque and Haskell Elementary schools for the past ten years, I believe I have a very sound sense of our District’s needs.   From organization culture, Response to Intervention supports, and existing curricula, to professional development and educational progress, I believe I have an exceptional understanding of where we are, where we came from, and our future aspirations.  I am, and will always be, fully invested in the Wanaque School District.

    Well-documented research states that teacher quality is one of the most significant variables that influence student achievement.   Therefore, I am committed to supporting continuous teacher education using a wide range of approaches and strategies. My role is to be a listener and researcher, looking for possibilities and opportunities to strengthen our teachers’ expertise and inspiring them to grow professionally.  I will continue to encourage our teachers to perform the necessary self-analysis and reflection, always seeking to improve their craft and keeping abreast of the latest research and available technology.  This will allow our District sustainable development and raise the level of student achievement on an ongoing basis.   

    One of the features of my leadership philosophy is that one need not be viewed as an expert in all fields, but as a collaborative partner who engages in ongoing learning and exploration as an equal.  This philosophy has developed into a powerful tool in developing a relationship of trust and respect with our staff and is a quality that developed and empowered teachers, which led to sustained professional growth.  As an assistant principal, I was privileged to visit classrooms, participate in educational action, be part of the very fiber of learning, providing on-the-job professional development as often as my schedule allowed.  Since making myself available as an educational resource to our teachers in Wanaque School, and being involved in the teaching and learning, I have had a far greater influence and impact on student achievement, as opposed to any other responsibility. Now as Curriculum Director, I will continue to expand this practice, allowing me to have an even greater impact district-wide, since all my time is dedicated to curriculum, instruction, and professional development, which are my three passions.  This allows me to be fully aware of each teacher’s strengths and instructional style, to have a complete understanding of the curriculum for each grade level, and to have my finger on the pulse of what occurs in each classroom. 

    I am fully invested and committed to the Wanaque School District and doing what is best for our communities’ children.  As a life-long learner and a teacher-of-teachers, with an exceptional strong work ethic and professional drive, I will stop at nothing to accomplish the goal of educating our students and supporting our staff.  The very best way to accomplish our educational goals is to work together as a highly supportive team, because I truly believe that everyone brings something excellent to the table.  We simply need to discover that excellence and maximize it.  As individuals, we may be smart, but as a team, we become brilliant.  

    It is my goal to give our staff the very best resources available and create a culture of continuous learning and personal growth.   It is imperative that we support one another in becoming better versions of ourselves…as we owe it to our students!


    Mrs. Samantha Nash
    Haskell School

    973 Ringwood Avenue
    Haskell, New Jersey 07420
    (973) 835-8200 ext. 1524