• AM  Mrs. Allison Mauro has been the school counselor at Wanaque Elementary School since September 2007.  Before becoming a school counselor she taught second grade for 5 years in another district.  She has a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology with a specialization in School Counseling from Caldwell University.  Mrs. Mauro finds the greatest joy assisting student to maximize their fullest potential.
    At Wanaque Elementary School the School Counseling department supports students in the following areas:

    Help Students Find Success in School by:

    • Developing positive attitudes among students toward self, family and the community
    • Counseling students individually and in groups
    • Developing and delivering classroom guidance lessons that teach skills such as making healthy decisions, resolving conflicts, and respecting  others
    • Supporting students by teaching skills for achieving success
    • Working collaboratively with students, parents, and teachers to identify and remove barriers that may impede student achievement


    Give Students Support with:

    • Developing a better understanding and acceptance of themselves
    • Family changes
    • Decision making and problem solving skills
    • Social and emotional development, to mature their relationships with others
    Support Parents and Staff by:
    • Understanding and meeting the needs of all students in intellectual, personal, social and emotional areas
    • Helping parents and teachers create a positive learning environment