• Gifted, Creative, And Talented

    The Wanaque District provides gifted, creative, and talented pupils in grades K-8 with a program that provides an opportunity to develop their special abilities. The needs of the students are addressed through a differentiated curriculum providing extended and in-depth studies with emphasis on higher level critical thinking and problem-solving skills to as great an extent as their abilities, interests and resources allow.

    The program has two major elements – the academically gifted portion and the non-academic creative and talented portion.
    In grades 3-8, in order to participate in the GCT program, students must meet the eligibility requirements as set forth within the district’s multiple assessment matrixes.
    55 students in kindergarten through grade 2 are initially identified by the classroom teacher and referred to the Intervention and Referral Services (I&RS) team for further consideration. Parents may also refer their child. If the child is identified as being gifted or talented, the classroom teacher will implement the classroom and curricular modifications recommended by the I&RS team. Additional services may be provided, if warranted.