• The Wanaque Public School District Mission Statement
    The Wanaque Public School District, a unified community in partnership with students in grades PreK-8, parents, and staff, engages all students by providing an enriched academic and social foundation that fosters a love of learning, where all students achieve the New Jersey Common Core Standards at all grade levels, thereby creating informed citizens ready to meet the varying challenges of a rapidly changing world.

    Recognizing and providing positive learning experiences necessary to foster the intellectual, social, physical, and emotional development of the individual child will accomplish this mission. 

    District Goals 2021-2022

      • To build, strengthen, and maintain healthy and positive relationships throughout our Wanaque School District Learning Community through open communication, trust, and collaboration.
      • To provide a safe, inclusive, and engaging learning environment that promotes positive student outcomes in academics and social and emotional growth and well-being.
      • To educate and support the Wanaque School District Learning Community through planned educational programming and community outreach programs.
      • To enhance and maintain the health, safety, and security of our district and schools.