• The Wanaque Public School District Mission Statement
    The Wanaque Public School District, a unified community in partnership with students in grades PreK-8, parents, and staff, engages all students by providing an enriched academic and social foundation that fosters a love of learning, where all students achieve the New Jersey Common Core Standards at all grade levels, thereby creating informed citizens ready to meet the varying challenges of a rapidly changing world.

    Recognizing and providing positive learning experiences necessary to foster the intellectual, social, physical, and emotional development of the individual child will accomplish this mission. 

    District Goals for the 2019-2020 School Year

    Goal One: Academic Achievement and Excellence
    The District will provide a safe, engaging learning environment promoting progress toward academic achievement and excellence as well as the development of the whole student.

    Goal Two: Partnerships
    The District will support collaborative partnerships that foster learning, communication, understanding, and a positive culture in our schools and in our community.

    Goal Three: Fiscally Sound
    The District will create and maintain a fiscally sound operation that will alleviate financial pressures and ensure funds are used prudently, efficiently and are directed toward appropriate areas.

    Goal Four: QSAC Preparations
    The District will prepare for the components—Instruction & Program, Fiscal, Governance, Operations, and Personnel—to ensure compliance, as the New Jersey Department of Education revised the QSAC process.