The Zoom software will be used by Wanaque Schools to conduct virtual meetings. However, the meeting activities will be broadcast to the public through YouTube. 

    There're two ways to access the live stream using any modern web browser ( Chrome, Firefox, Edge) 

    Attendees who join the orientation via their MAC, PC and/or handheld device will have:  

    • The ability to listen to and view the orientation. 
    • The ability to submit questions as explained below.

    If you wish to make a comment or ask a question, you may do so at anytime before and/or during the orientation by 

    All the questions will be read aloud at the designated time.


    Detailed Instructions 

    1. Go to wanaqueps.org/kindergartenorientation click the Play Button on the embedded video to start the playback of the live stream. See the image below. 


    2. Please verify that the video you’re watching is LIVE by making sure the RED DOT is next to the LIVE button ( button # 3 in the image below).   If the DOT is not RED, click on LIVE to advance to the most up to date stream.  Please be aware there is approximately a 10 to 30 seconds delay on the transmission.   


    The figure below shows the current date and time of the transmission.  Displaying the current time helps the viewer to notice the actual delay of the stream. 


     As mentioned above, the public will be able to send questions via

    1. Email at questions@wanaqueps.org. 
    2. or the easier of the two, by completing the google form located at wanaqueps.org/kindergartenorientation. See a screenshot of the form below.


    If additional help is needed, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Technology Coordinator, Fernando Hache 973-835-8200 ext 1520 or via email at fhache@wanaqueps.org