• The Child Study Team provides diagnostic services to children from age 3 to eighth grade that have been identified as having a potential disabling condition. Counseling and consultative services are available for any school-aged student experiencing difficulty in learning or behavior. The Team consists of the Director of Special Services, school psychologists, learning disabilities teacher/consultant, and school social worker.

    -  Nicole Protomastro and Rosa Hanley School Psychologists

    -  Caanan Bump, Learning Disabilities Teacher-Consultant

    -  Carol Hesse, School Social Worker

    -  Marybeth Diehl, Child Study Team Secretary


    -  Kristen Bonderanko – Haskell School

    -  Lauren Hoey – Haskell Schools

    -  Jennifer Bone- Wanaque School

    -  Nancy O’Donnell – Wanaque School